Our speakers

Ms. Márta Reimer
pastoral therapist, pastoral counselling (UNISA)
managing director of Eleos - Education

Dr. Michael Hübner
Founder of Therapeutic Counselling Foundation (Germany)
dean at Chritian Leaders’ Academy (Germany)
Child and youth psychotherapist, couple therapist, Individual Psychology coach, pastor

Dr. Meláth Dorottya
GP (general practitioner), specialized in Mental Hygiene (SOTE)

Dr. Meláth Viola
Paediatrician, specialized in Mental Hygiene (SOTE)

Prof. Dr. Petr Ondracek
Special Education Teacher
Professor at the Bochum Evangelical College (Germany)
Advisor and coach in Individual Psychology

Ms. Zsófia Révész
Degree in Missiology (BTA)
Health manager (SOTE)
Studying behaviour analysis specialization at KRE

Ms. Gabriella Tolner-Pozsonyi
Teacher, Counsellor, Psycho drama leader, Bible drama leader

Ms. Katalin Halácsy
Bible drama leader

Mr. Werner Schäfer
Managing director of Therapeutic Counselling Foundation (Germany)
Psychological advisor, works as a psychotherapist (in Germany)

Mr. Attila Reimer
Chairman of the supervisory board of the academy for christian leadership (Germany)
Manager in the industry (German)
Master in Theology in Missiology