Our mission and what we believe in

Our mission

To listen to and counsel people in different stages of life and in faith, value, and relationship related crises in order that their health would be restored again. The Eleos-Education non profit Ltd does the following activities to fulfil such a mission:

  • Organizes basic and advanced counselling course
  • Organizes professional day courses and conferences
  • Improves the skills and competences of the participants of such courses.
  • Acts as professional supervisors
  • Does academic activities
  • Aids people and provide them with advice in the area of leading one’s life
  • Builds up a network of child-, youth- and adult counsellors
  • Publishes, circulates and educates people in/via the different areas of the media

In order to fulfil its objectives, the Eleos-Education non profit Ltd. cooperates with such natural persons, corporate bodies, churches and church operated organizations, private and government operated institutes and financial institutes.

What we believe

We believe in the creed of the Alliance Hungarian Evangelical Association Alliance Hungarian Evangelical Association. The Alliance has existed for more than 150 years and is an organization in which Christ believing people, churches, and organizations join forces for the Great Commission.