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 Registration for the beginner’s Counselling course starting in September is required to be sent by 30th June each year by contacting the coordinators:eleoskepzes [at]

Provided you have questions, comments about our courses or you would like to support our service financially or by prayer or in any other way, please contact us:eleoskepzes [at]

Please understand that the coordinators cannot give you advice about how to lead your life or other Counselling via electronic media i.e. e.mail, Facebook, text message or phone.

Ms. Marta Reimer, Theologian, Pastoral psychologist, counsellor

  • Phone #: +36-20-775 8229
  • Email:reimermarta [at]

Ms. Ildikó Appel coordinator, counsellor

  • Phone#: +36-30- 474 8982
  • Email:eleoskepzes [at]

Ms. Márta Horváth coordinator, counsellor

  • Phone#: +36-20-886 3837

Mrs. Harsányi-Városi Ildikó corrector, counsellor

  • Email:szakmainapok [at] sends e-mail)

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KDB Bank Európa Zrt.

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Tax#: 20361383-1-41

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Eleos-Education Nonprofit Ltd.
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