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The account of my experience I had during the basic counselling course

I am very thankful to Eleos and all the people who work there because I could finally do what I had wanted to do for a long time. Unfortunately in my church there is no such training though there would be a great need for that. There are certain life situations when it is not enough just to utter Scripture and when it doesn’t result in the wanted break-through, then just cast out demons. We do have wounds from our past which we need to come to grips with. For this process we might need to ask help from a trained counsellor.

Counselling, but how?

I completed the counselling basic course in 2014/2015. I was in a special period in my life i.e. in my mid-forties, when people tend to reinvent themselves to some degree. The question rises: what could I have done better, what should I do differently in the future. It is in my nature to look for the causes of things, how they are related to each other in order to find the solution. Finding the connection between things and searching for practical solutions are the core part of my job as an accountant.

A way out from being stuck

I applied for the training because I wished to improve my knowledge of God and people. This urge to improve arose from the helplessness I felt as a believer in seeing all the misery around and in me. I felt that something was missing both in my relationship with God and people. I had no tools for a better life. I cried out to God with my Bible in hand „What to do now, Lord?”

One of my brothers recommended me the Eleos basic training where it became obvious during the fist session that I had come to the right place. That was what I had been looking for all along!

A tale about a girl who has become a Grandma by now

Once upon a time there was a lonely man with an important job: he served the King. He lived alone and did not look for a wife. There lived a girl at the same time with an important calling; she served the same King and found that service so important that she did not think she would have any time left for a family. They did not meet though they served the same King but far away from each other in a world where there was no cell phone or Internet. The house where the woman lived was torn by history.


 As a young girl, I had a strong desire to work in a helping profession to help people get healed in order to live their life more fully. After the social worker college degree I did not learn more in this area except for a few retraining courses. During my work I learnt a lot from experience, but after some time I felt that I would need something more that could help me do my job better.

Rövid betekintés a 2018-19 es Lelkigondozói alapképzés záróalkalmára...

Some feedback on AHA moments and experiences:

„During the counselling session you don’t have to give any advice, no matter how awesome they seem to be.”

„Since my attendance of the Eleos training I’ve been learning to let go even more. It is very difficult for me to say no and not to put the burden of others onto myself.”

My AHA moments during the Eleos basic counselling course

Based on the notes and readings I realized that God made a very profound and complex work at the creation of man. We learnt a lot about the dimension of body-soul-spirit. It was fantastic to take a glimpse into how man works to get to know psychological schools, methodologies. All learning materials and readings built onto each other so that we could get deeper and deeper into the knowledge. It was very practical, it wasn’t tiring at all. First time in my life I felt that I could understand what I was learning and I could remember it.

One good turn deserves...

While I was standing in a queue in a packed post office or rather I was waiting for my number to be announced, I was watching the people around me. An old lady went to a cubicle unbidden, without a number and showed her postal note of an item impatiently. I felt so sorry for her as many times it takes me, who is half her age, a long time to figure out which button to press to get a number for the right type of business I want to deal with without making others wait, who are impatient because they get there in a hurry. How could an 80-90 year-old person make head or tail of this world?

On the margin of an Eleos further training weekend

After we had finished the basic counselling course in May, 2018 we could hardly believe that it was over! We had experienced a lot of changes in ourselves which required still some settling down. We had a lot of AHA moments, our new way of thinking about us and our helping discussions required some reinforcement. We had a great community, a good team in an awesome atmosphere and we had built relationships with people we got to know and learn to love. So it all cried out for an encore.

Fear can be conquered!

During the counselling course I had received a lot from God.

My self-knowledge had improved. I learnt to recognize, accept and handle my emotions.

Similarly to the Biblical story of Elijah, many times I felt alone, someone who does not have a “man”.

Helping others comes naturally to me. On the other hand when I need someone to help me, most of the times I am left alone. In my relationships so far I have given more than I have received. I would really need to be on the receiving end of the relationship!


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