The account of my experience I had during the basic counselling course

by Molnár Tiborné Magdolna 1st May, 2017.

I am very thankful to Eleos and all the people who work there because I could finally do what I had wanted to do for a long time. Unfortunately in my church there is no such training though there would be a great need for that. There are certain life situations when it is not enough just to utter Scripture and when it doesn’t result in the wanted break-through, then just cast out demons. We do have wounds from our past which we need to come to grips with. For this process we might need to ask help from a trained counsellor.

During this year of the training I got answers and help during the self knowledge discussions to several old problems that got stuck in me. Reimer Márta, who is an excellent expert, helped me with it. I am very thankful and rejoicing that a great load of burdens from my past I had carried for years came truly to the surface. I could get free from such unpleasant and bothersome feelings such as being unable to forgive and condemnation.

It was good to see and realize who I am and what is my calling. I got encouraged and reinforced in it.