Rövid betekintés a 2018-19 es Lelkigondozói alapképzés záróalkalmára...

Some feedback on AHA moments and experiences:

„During the counselling session you don’t have to give any advice, no matter how awesome they seem to be.”

„Since my attendance of the Eleos training I’ve been learning to let go even more. It is very difficult for me to say no and not to put the burden of others onto myself.”

„During the basic counselling course I had to come to terms with the fact that I made many mistakes during my counselling sessions in the past. I wanted to get the results in only one session.”

„Even if I make a mistake, I shouldn’t be such a harsh judge of myself, I should rather accept the mistakes of others together with my own ones.”

„I really enjoyed the self-awareness classes during which we looked back to me as a child. It was strange and difficult but through these I could understand the roots of my current bad thought processes and behavioural patterns. My path is leading me to conscious correction.”

„During the Bible drama session on one hand I realised that my relationship with God and with the Bible could be better! On the other hand the picture of “Garden of Eden without man” we acted out made me realize that neither life, nor nature or salvation makes any sense without man.”

„It was worth to have spent that much time on it!”