On the margin of an Eleos further training weekend

After we had finished the basic counselling course in May, 2018 we could hardly believe that it was over! We had experienced a lot of changes in ourselves which required still some settling down. We had a lot of AHA moments, our new way of thinking about us and our helping discussions required some reinforcement. We had a great community, a good team in an awesome atmosphere and we had built relationships with people we got to know and learn to love. So it all cried out for an encore.

We agreed on to stay together, meet again, learn some more and with Marti’s help we were going to deepen our knowledge in counselling. In some extraordinary circumstances …

Our first block of training took place in Baja from 7th September to 9th September. Our loving host, an enthusiastic member of our group, waited on us with fish soup and provided a great accommodation. Besides studying we had some time left for short trips, hiking, a BBQ, small group discussions, board games and lots of love.

What did we learn about? We went through the counselling discussions we had had so far, what we could put into practice from our course material. In which areas did we still need some break through? Based on our discussions about someone else’s problems a light was shed on areas in our own personal life what we still needed to work on, or tackle something.

The training was mainly practical, yet Marti brought some theoretical material, too: how our view of the ego is developed, what impacts it has on how we lead our life, or on the relationship between the competence and self-evaluation.

The SELF words introduced in the first evening such as selfish, self-knowledge, self-condemnation, self-evaluation, self-esteem etc. made us realize that we needed to reconsider what approach we had towards our emotions, which can be traced back to our experience of the topic in the church. It dawned on me how prejudiced I was towards self-esteem and the other self words, how self-condemnation and self-loathing are still part of my life. Thanks to God I could experience that the truth can set us free and we can grow in the Truth.

September, 2018 Csépainé Seeman Ági