My AHA moments during the Eleos basic counselling course

Based on the notes and readings I realized that God made a very profound and complex work at the creation of man. We learnt a lot about the dimension of body-soul-spirit. It was fantastic to take a glimpse into how man works to get to know psychological schools, methodologies. All learning materials and readings built onto each other so that we could get deeper and deeper into the knowledge. It was very practical, it wasn’t tiring at all. First time in my life I felt that I could understand what I was learning and I could remember it. I always had a great expectancy about the next module. We could explore many open questions and methods and come to terms with them in small groups. We could test many things on ourselves (e.g. mirroring, leading discussions, games, family model and I could go on and on). It dawned on me that everyone can have stalling and crises in their life. We don’t have to cover them up or be ashamed of them, we should rather try to find a competent help. God showed it that there aren’t just “perfect believers”. He made me see that healing is possible in all situations and we can get free from them. We could get further realisations by deepening on our self-awareness, through the feedback of our fellow classmates and by the leading of our teachers. I could get stronger by taking a glimpse into the life and development of my classmates. I’m very thankful for the truly deep, intimate and honest relationships with my brothers and sisters developed during the course, and for our little praise team. I learnt a lot through the words, realisations and thoughts of others and the leading of our teachers. We could get to know some psychological schools and methods, which made me really curious. I got enriched by several useful readings. I might deal with this topic to a greater degree in the future.

During my counselling practice I didn’t use any methods consciously. I just listened to people, admonished and encouraged them or gave them advice. I liked sharing my thoughts. But I didn’t do it in the wright way. I always focused on my own “cleverness” instead on the people. I realized that I cannot help my neighbours if I give them good advice, I should rather lead the conversation by truly paying attention to them. During the course I could find out my spiritual gifts. The spiritual gifts of knowledge and admonishment are the closest to me. I aim to use them in the wright way next time with my friends and in church.

From psychological methodology I’m going to focus mainly on the communication principles of Rogers. I would like to be more attentive as a helper, who can understand the current state of the soul, what mind-set, motivations and hidden intents there are in the background and then mirror them with empathy. I would like to learn to ask more and better questions. I am also going to use the uncovering of life style of individual psychology in order to unearth the faulty life targets and life lies. It is easy to use the family model with the help of puppets and I find it a very effective help.