As a young girl, I had a strong desire to work in a helping profession to help people get healed in order to live their life more fully. After the social worker college degree I did not learn more in this area except for a few retraining courses. During my work I learnt a lot from experience, but after some time I felt that I would need something more that could help me do my job better.

By then I had known that the areas of helping talk and personal following people in their issues are the areas which I do from inner motivation. I also got positive feedback showing that these are useful for others.
I heard about the counselling course of Eleos and having met with Márti in a small group discussion held in my church I got convinced that that’s the place I want to be. I’m very thankful for the theoretical foundations and all the practical examples. During the second half of the course when we could get the hang of it, she always had an example, a case that could exemplify things we had studied.

Before having applied for the course, I had been thinking about a postgraduate university course in the area but I couldn’t do that due to my workplace schedule. Then a door was opened to this course. Later I realized why it happened that way. In that fall I had a larynx operation so I wouldn’t have been able to start the university any way. As opposed to that I could attend this course and missed only one session.

A few years later I could start the university course of social worker. During the first semester we practiced the nondirective discussion leading. One of my teachers really liked one of my homework of the minutes done on a helping talk: “This talk had a nice flow to it, you just went with the client as you followed their feelings! Have you studied it before?” It was great to share that I had learnt and practiced something similar at a counselling course. Meanwhile it dawned on me how useful it had been, how it had shaped my professional resources and attitude and it had got incorporated into my everyday practice. I’m thankful to God for my teachers and anyone else who contributed to my being able to help others more effectively.

July, 2019 Deme Zsuzsanna