An account on the Persolog behaviour profile training

There was a great opportunity for adventurous couples to improve their marriage on 26th October, 2019. The building blocks were put together with the help of DISC Persolog behaviour profile counsellors of Ms. Tolner-Pozsonyi Gabriella and Ms. Köves Anikó.

What did the training consist of?

It is really difficult to describe the events of an interactive, very dynamic, eventful morning, where there was also an opportunity for personal growth and self evaluation.

After the ice breakers, the couples filled out the behaviour test of which results helped them identify the different behaviours of the four main types with the help of a dramatic demonstration.

Based on that it was easy to spot the typical conflict sources arising from the differences. It was followed by an exercise using cards where the knowledge of the four behaviour types got deepened.

Some couples could understand the behaviour of their children better, while others made a decision how to improve their relationship.