A tale about a girl who has become a Grandma by now

Once upon a time there was a lonely man with an important job: he served the King. He lived alone and did not look for a wife. There lived a girl at the same time with an important calling; she served the same King and found that service so important that she did not think she would have any time left for a family. They did not meet though they served the same King but far away from each other in a world where there was no cell phone or Internet. The house where the woman lived was torn by history.

It so happened that the young woman was on a mission in the same village where the man served. The man was not young but his heart called him: he fell in love with the woman and asked her to marry him. It came as a surprise to the woman but she thought „I could not stay in my old place, maybe I can serve my King even better this way”. They got married and the woman became his fellow worker. Soon after that they had a baby girl. She was born prematurely and the doctor predicted that she would not be healthy. But her only problem was that she was tiny.

The girl was taken home but her Mom could not breast feed her maybe due to a difficult pregnancy, nor did she try to cuddle the baby though she cried a lot. The mother wanted to go back to her service as soon as possible so she entrusted the baby onto the Grandma who lived with them. Soon after her 2nd birthday she had a baby sister born, who did not have any problems around her birth.

A few months later the little girl got sick. The medicine prescribed did not work so she was taken to hospital to a far-away town. There the girl was very lonely as her Mom could not visit her because of her baby sister. When she did visit her, they could only look at each other through a small window. After a long treatment she was operated on and finally she was released from hospital and could go home. But the fear of pain and abandonment went with her.

Time passed, her parents served the great King faithfully and her job was to help them with everything, be a good girl, the role model of others. The other children mocked her because of her Dad’s job so she did not really have play mates. When she grew up she met a nice, handsome boy. He lived in a house where (allegedly) they also served the same King. The girl had such a strong desire to be loved that she buried her head in the sand, disregarded the many warning signs and finally married the boy.

In the boy’s family people looked down on the girl and her family. They thought that only they are the true and faithful servants of the King. The girl cried a lot, this attitude truly hurt her and her existing feelings of being inferior got even worse. Maybe that is why her favourite tale was Cinderella. She kept expecting that her life would become better. Meanwhile she had two daughters but the boy’s family ensured that she would not take them to the house where she grew up.

Sometimes she got help from here and there, she read some good books and though she felt tattered she could walk on her way. Her children grew up and moved to far-away places and had their own family. The girl is now the grandma of four cute children and she is still searching her true self, who she is and why she has come to this earth. She attends school again and believes that this opportunity is from the King to finally see the meaning of her life, her calling and to make peace with her past. She needs to study a lot and got to know herself better in order to be able to help those whose life is full of tangled threads just like hers. The most challenging job of all type we can endeavour to do is to change ourselves – we need a lot of effort and hard determination to keep going!

by S. H.