Who are the Eleos team?

We start a new column with the aim of introducing the Eleos team who support Reimer Márti. The organization was founded by Marti in 2013 and she worked alone for a long time. The number of tasks increased and more and more people got interested in Eleos so the number of volunteers joining Eleos also grew to aid Marti in the training, teaching and administration frelated tasks. You could read about Tolner-Pozsonyi Gabriella in our September 2019 newsletter, now Harsányiné Városi Ildikó is going to introduce herself.

An account on the Persolog behaviour profile training

There was a great opportunity for adventurous couples to improve their marriage on 26th October, 2019. The building blocks were put together with the help of DISC Persolog behaviour profile counsellors of Ms. Tolner-Pozsonyi Gabriella and Ms. Köves Anikó.

What did the training consist of?

It is really difficult to describe the events of an interactive, very dynamic, eventful morning, where there was also an opportunity for personal growth and self evaluation.

Exit this life instead of wanting to live? The special opportunities for counselling and the responsibility of counsellors in the time of suicidal crisis

2020. April 04. 09:00 to 17:00
  • the suicidal crisis in the Bible,
  • the motivation of self-destructing behaviour, their risk groups and opportunities to recognize its symptoms,
  • legal aspects and the counselling ground of support.

It is a compulsory seminary day for our students who have finished the basic counselling course!


Budafok Baptist Church (Budapest, XXII. kerület, Péter Pál u. 17.)


Once upon a time there was an ant girl called Petal. Petal was not welcomed by her Mom, who wanted to stay a girl. Yet Ant Dad asked Ant Mom to marry him and she said yes as she wished to be loved and paid heed to a lot. Ant Dad was dreaming to have a big family but Ant Mom had bad experience about the family so she did not like being a Mom. Although Petal was a pretty and well-shaped ant baby, no matter how loud she cried to be picked up, hugged and cared for by her Mom, Ant Mom was not willing to do that.

„Carry each other’s burden (NIV)" (Gal. 6:2.)

Some might have uneasy feelings or feel uncertain after having read this Biblical command. It can trigger others to have joyful feelings and they are ready to act. Both attitudes are familiar and understandable. On one hand we are happy when we can spend time assisting others and can help them carry their burden by listening to them in an empathetic way. On the other hand it can also happen that we do not know what we should do. By using the Greek word “bastazo” in Gal. 6:2, the apostle Paul shows a way of carrying each others’ burdens.

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