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 Our organisation has Christian foundations and offers different levels of biblical counselling in an interdenominational way.

If having seen the spiritual needs of your neighbour you feel compelled to act in a merciful way, have an urge to help them and are willing to learn, take a look inside you, develop your personality then we invite you to our interactive basic and advanced counselling courses. At these courses we would like to establish and extend our students’ knowledge in the area of counselling so that people turning to them for help would find a relief in their life-, relationship-, faith- and psyche related problems. A qualification in theology or psychology is not a prerequisite for enrolment.

Ms. Marta Reimer Master of Theology in Pastoral Therapy UNISA,
Managing director of Eleos Education.


Once upon a time there was an ant girl called Petal. Petal was not welcomed by her Mom, who wanted to stay a girl. Yet Ant Dad asked Ant Mom to marry him and she said yes as she wished to be loved and paid heed to a lot. Ant Dad was dreaming to have a big family but Ant Mom had bad experience about the family so she did not like being a Mom. Although Petal was a pretty and well-shaped ant baby, no matter how loud she cried to be picked up, hugged and cared for by her Mom, Ant Mom was not willing to do that.

„Carry each other’s burden (NIV)" (Gal. 6:2.)

Some might have uneasy feelings or feel uncertain after having read this Biblical command. It can trigger others to have joyful feelings and they are ready to act. Both attitudes are familiar and understandable. On one hand we are happy when we can spend time assisting others and can help them carry their burden by listening to them in an empathetic way. On the other hand it can also happen that we do not know what we should do. By using the Greek word “bastazo” in Gal. 6:2, the apostle Paul shows a way of carrying each others’ burdens.

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